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For any organization working in the development sector, securing grant funding on a timely basis and from reliable funding sources is a critical marker of success.A lot of nonprofits fail to survive after a few years because they do not receive sufficient grants to keep their programs going.

Leinad offers in-depth grant sourcing services driven by our team’s collective experience of over a decade in nonprofit advisory. Our approach to sourcing grant funding is testament to the all-inclusive quality of our services. From the initial step of researching plausible grants for your nonprofit on local, national and international levels to preparing your proposals and providing you industry-specific advice through the process, we make sure your dream for significant grants comes to fruition.


Our team works in many major advisory areas for nonprofit organizations, including grant sourcing.Our clients belong to various sectors and are working for a wide range of different causes. As their consultants, we are responsible for finding them trustworthy and high-quality funding opportunities, such as grants offered in public, private and nonprofit sectors.


As a professional consulting firm, we advise nonprofits in various sectors, which means we have to be resourceful and impeccable in our grants research. Regardless of the sector you operate in or the kind of R&D involved in your work, we will use our network of grant providers – and other sources – to ensure your nonprofit finds the most suitable grants in time.

  • Our team of bid writers with years of experience help prepare your grant applications and proposals with utmost effectiveness and industry best practices.
  • Our fundraising consulting team offers comprehensive project management services to take your grant finding efforts to a new level.
  • Our grant sourcing team offers compliance advisory, project initiation consulting, reporting supervision, patron liaising, and project milestone communication to stakeholders.

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