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Strong business development is the cornerstone of any small organization’s success. For small businesses and not-for-profit organizations, the development of their business is all the more important due to the many external factors limiting their growth.

While small businesses face high levels of competitions unless they are in a niche market, nonprofits are generally very niche and have exposure problems. Both these situations impede business development.


At Leinad Business Consulting, we are committed to providing our client nonprofits and small businesses proven solutions and reliable advice on every major area of business development. While our core services revolve around consulting and advisory, we offer management solutions for many of these service sub-domains.

Advertising Campaign Developemt

We help client organizations and businesses build research-driven advertising campaigns that include best-in-line contents and utilize the most suitable media channels to deliver the message to the target audience. Backed with years of experience in building advertising and promotional strategies, our team can identify key components for a successful advertising campaign selling your products, services, and programs.

Branding Strategy

Our team is helping our clients build their brands stronger than ever. With acute positioning strategies and thorough review of target demographics, we build our clients effective branding strategies and also assist in creating necessary materials and contents to promote the brand.

Marketing Advisory

When it comes to marketing, small businesses and nonprofits have each to deal with a unique set of challenges that change with the dynamics of every business sector.To provide our clients the best quality of marketing advice, we have a team of highly experienced individuals who have provided advice to organizations in the major industries. Our marketing consultants build effective strategies for client nonprofits and small businesses specific to their challenges that offer comprehensive solutions to the same.

Partnership Consulting

Our marketing consultants understand the importance of strong partnerships for successful business development.Therefore, we help our clients in building key partnerships that could aid them in meeting short- and long-term objectives. We can help you determine which partnerships will be good for your organization and show you how to establish – and maintain – them.

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