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At Leinad Business Consulting, we have a dedicated professional team that provides nonprofits cutting-edge fundraising advisory and solutions. Our professional advisors have combined experience of over ## years guiding not-for-profit organizations steer their fundraising campaigns in the right direction and raise more money.

Our Fundraising Consulting Solutions for NonProfits

At Leinad, we have learned that fundraising advisory is delivered successfully when we can help our clients understand the complex process of raising funds optimally. While you may think of a few simple ways to raise funds, such as hosting fundraisers, we can help you see how much deeper and more interesting this problem is.

Our fundraising consulting service breaks down the process and enables you to tap into every major source of funds suitable for a nonprofit in your industry. With advice built around the unique needs of your nonprofit’s industry, we not only build you an effective fundraising strategy but also show you how to put it into practice for a variety of campaigns.

Our key areas of service in fundraising advisory include:


When it comes to capital campaign consulting, we have long since discovered a key pain point that nonprofits either completely ignore during their fundraisers for a campaign or do not utilize to its full potential: in-kind gifts.

In our comprehensive campaign fundraising advisory, we show you what sources are available for you to bring your fundraiser costs down. It could be through using a donor’s house for the event venue or asking your local printer to print your posters pro bono for a good cause. It could be countless other ways, too, and we will make sure we find you all the good ones and teach you how to negotiate for them.


The Leidan Business Consulting team understands how deep an impact managing your donor relationships properly can have on the success of your campaigns. We take it upon ourselves to help you understand what motivates your donors to give and how you can tap into this major source of funds effectively.

With proper donor relationships management, you can build a reliable network of donors who own the causes they are part of in partnership with you, making your campaigns that much easier.


The future of an organization heavily depends on a sustainable development strategy. Our consulting services are also directed to helping nonprofits develop and manage efficient strategies to meet their annual funds targets for sustainable growth of your development programs. With our guidance you will be able to diversify your funding sources, campaign event donors as well as increase your overall annual donors with some help from our strategic communications plans custom built to appeal to your industry specific donors.