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Effective social media management is leading not-for-profit organizations and small businesses closer to their audiences with immense ROI benefits. Nonprofits are discovering patrons who were invisible before but have their organization’s mission very close to their heart. Similarly, small businesses are reaching consumers who fall in love with their products but could not know about them without social media.
These benefits emerge as a result of informed and deliberate social media strategies, and their application. At Leinad Business Consulting, our team of social media content managers, with over a decade of combined experience in the field, are ready to help. We are helping clients build a sustainable small business social media marketing strategy while helping nonprofits discover new patrons and partners in the same fashion.

Our Social Media marketing Solutions for Nonprofits & Small Businesses

A number of ways exist to masterfully navigate the proverbial murky waters of social media. As social media strategists with a growing portfolio, our team members are working tirelessly every day to create meaningful solutions for every client using our structured and organized social media strategy development techniques.

Focused on helping nonprofits and small businesses practice efficient social media marketing, we have developed the following key service areas with the idea of allowing you to focus on your business while we execute your social media marketing strategy for you:


We offer comprehensive social media accounts management, taking over charge of your social media pages and timelines. During such a project, we publish carefully crafted content grounded into your social media marketing strategy developed by our experienced team.

We have a simple process. We manage social media accounts for our clients after carefully developing an effective content strategy that meets their specific needs. Depending on the key objectives you want to achieve through social media marketing, we will:

    • Discuss the nature of content to be developed;
    • Create content guided by your preferences;
    • Send it to you for consideration; and
    • Publish it upon approval.

Social Media Campaigns

We also help clients with special social media campaigns according to their campaign objectives. This allows nonprofits to acquire our services for their next program launch and small businesses to promote special offers and sales, for example.

Campaign based social media management allows you to further reduce your budget and promote a special product, service or program with professional assistance.


Once you and our team have collaboratively developed your social media content strategy, we will interpret your goals for the campaign or project and craft a well thought out content calendar and send it over to you. This calendar will allow you to see not only what kind of posts we will be making as we manage your social media accounts but also examine the publishing phase using the time given to each item on the calendar.

In short, our structured social media management services can help you take your outreach to social media audiences to the next level.